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Glock Gen 5 Aftermarket Slides

Glock Gen 5 Aftermarket Slides

Oct 20th 2021

 At Norsso we offer a selection of aftermarket replacement slides for Glock applications. Currently we have replacements slides for Glock G19 Gen 5, Glock G17 Gen 5, and Glock G26 Gen 5. They are machined from 17-4 billet stainless steel and treated to H900 for long lasting durability. Unlike other slides that are on the market, these work with actual Gen 5 internals. We've seen some slides that include the ambidextrous slide release cutout machined from a Gen 4 compatible slide blank. When Glock designed the new generation of firearms, they modified the striker, safety plunger, and extractor. Our slides work not only work with the ambidextrous slide release, they also accept the new Gen 5 internals that Glock manufactures. Another key aspect that Glock changed was the thickness of the recoil spring retaining ring. You'll notice on the front of the slide that there is more material added to the nose which thickens this ring. We've seen Gen 4 slides crack and break in this area. To improve durability, Glock added an extra millimeter of thickness to help with fatigue cracking. We of course incorporated this change in our replacement slides. 

We stock many versions of replacement slides as well as offering the capability of custom ordering slides according to your optic needs. Have a look on our website for a design to fit your needs. Please contact us for any questions you may have.