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Glock Gen 5 Aftermarket Slides

Glock Gen 5 Aftermarket Slides

Oct 21st 2021

 At Norsso we offer a selection of aftermarket replacement slides for Glock applications. Currently we have replacements slides for Glock G19 Gen 5, Glock G17 Gen 5, and Glock G26 Gen 5. They are machined from 17-4 billet stainless steel and treated to H900 for long lasting durability. Unlike o …

Glock G23 Aftermarket Slides

Oct 20th 2021

Norsso has expanded its product offerings to include replacement slides for both Glock 23 Gen 3 and Glock 23 Gen 4 applications. .40 S & W definitely doesn't have as much demand as the 9mm, but there were enough requests for us to add these slides to the product line. We currently are stocking the m …

What should I look for in an aftermarket slide?

Posted by Chris @ Norsso on Jan 22nd 2019

Not all slides are created equal. Fortunately, we can help you look for important features when shopping for an aftermarket slide.The material used when manufacturing a slide is of utmost importance and plays a significant role in slide longevity.You will see two common materials, 17-4 stainless ste …