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About Us

Condensed History of Norsso LLC

Norsso LLC began as a creative outlet for its founders Chris and Tim who met while studying mechanical engineering at UNLV. Long story short after graduation, they began designing automation systems for the entertainment industry. If you follow pop culture, watch live performances or the film industry, it's very possible that you've seen our work long before we've ever touched a slide.

So fast forward through the years of endless prototyping and design, we kind of picked up a knack for creating things. While working for the man, we bought our own Haas machine to start doing our own thing. Initially we'd do anything that earned money to pay the rent. Mop head universal joints, car parts, bike parts, crazy furniture, and finally Glock slides were created at our shop. Not sure if being around all those creative artist types in the entertainment industry rubbed off on us, but for some reason we could make a catchy slide design.

After many months of doing double duty at the shop and the real job, Tim jumped at the chance to chase the dream of working for himself. Things took off, and he slowly began building the company full-time with the part-time help of Chris. This past May would be the huge step Norsso needed to move forward. The shop was expanded, second Haas VF2 acquired, and optimization had begun. A few weeks later Chris joined full time as well. Since then Norsso has moved quickly to restructure the business as an aftermarket slide manufacturing company creating the best aftermarket slides possible. 

Plans for the future include growing our small company while creating new and innovative products for different pistol platforms. We currently manufacture Glock and Sig Sauer P320 aftermarket slides with intentions of picking up other brands as the development timeline allows. We really appreciate the support, and thank you to everyone for helping us out on our journey to create more amazing stuff.