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Some of these Frequently Asked Questions are covered in more detail on our Terms and Conditions page.

Updated: 7/22/2021


General FAQ's:

Why does my shipping and billing address have to match?

Cybercrime and identity theft are taken seriously here at Norsso. As an added precaution to protect our customers, we will require verification of identify if your shipping and billing addresses differ prior to order fulfillment. Orders will resume processing if the buyer's identity has been confirmed with us. If a response has not been received within 1 week of the verification request via email, the order will be assumed as fraudulent and will be refunded to protect the victim.

If your billing and shipping addresses are different on your order for intentional reasons, please contact us promptly after placing the order so we can confirm your identity and process your order as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if you have moved recently and are in-between addresses, please confirm the billing address with your card issuer before attempting your purchase. Using the correct billing address at the first purchase attempt allows us to streamline your order experience significantly.

Our anti-fraud filters may also flag your order due to incorrectly inputted addresses. In this situation, you will receive a notification that your order is under review. A Norsso team member may ask for additional information depending on the type of error. Your cooperation is appreciated to clarify any information required to get your order back on track.

When will I receive my order?

In stock items typically are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days. Orders are shipped using USPS priority mail or First Class Service (estimated 1-3 day transit time). A USPS tracking number will be emailed to you when the order status has been changed to “shipped”. Please allow up to a day for the USPS to electronically acknowledge receipt of the package.

My special order slide came in quicker than the quoted 6-8 week lead time. Why is that?

We routinely check our special order queue when updating our inventory. Sometimes those checks allow us to fulfill open special orders sooner than the 6-8 week lead time. We believe that it is appropriate to close out outstanding orders first rather than placing those same slides in stock online. Also, if you special order a slide that is already in stock, we fulfill the order as if it was a stock slide purchase. This is common when 507C optic cuts are ordered and stock slides are available; they use the same optic footprint, just require different screws.

Can I order and ship internationally?

No, orders designated outside of the US or its territories are ineligible and are export restricted.

​Can I send in my slide for you to mill?

We make Norsso slides from raw material and do not accept customer slides for milling. Also, optic cuts cannot be post-milled onto Norsso slides due to the increased hardness from heat treatment.

What is your return policy?

Products can be returned up to 30 days after the customer receives the order. They must be in the original shipped condition without being installed, wear and tear, or fired with. Attempts to return used items will not be accepted. The customer is responsible for shipping the product back and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the return amount for standard items. Non-standard special order returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee due to the custom configuration.

If you would like to request a return, please see the following steps:

1) Contact us with your order number, what item you would like to return, and the reasons for the return.

2) Standby for review and upon approval you will receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to return the item under.

3) Ship the item to us and your return will be issued once the item has been received, inspected, and verified based on your request.

Is my slide covered with a warranty?

One-year limited warranty against design, material, and manufacturing defects for the products and services that we offer. To claim the warranty, you must be the original purchaser with proof of purchase within one year of the date of sale.

The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Any modification to our products or use of handloaded, remanufactured, or reloaded ammunition instantly voids the warranty.

If you should encounter a problem, please contact us so our engineers can identify the issues you are experiencing and guide you to a solution.

Need to contact us? Email us at or call us at (702) 625-2001.


Technical FAQ's:

I cannot insert my extractor depressor rod. What is wrong with my slide?

Odds are there is nothing wrong with the slide as we do a factory internals check for 100% of our produced slides. The right-side optic screw hole intersects with the extractor rod hole. If you use a screw that is longer than the ones we provide then the screw can interfere with the extractor depressor rod. Secure and tighten your optic screws and look down the extractor hole to see if the screw is blocking the hole or not.

What size Allen wrench is used for the provided RMR screws?

  • For our Trijicon RMR provided screws please use a 5/64” socket drive or hex key with a torque value of 8in-lbs
  • For our RMR cover plates please use a 2mm socket drive or hex key with a torque value of 5in-lbs

We also recommend applying Loctite 243 (blue) to the screws prior to tightening.

Do I need to install a channel liner into my slide?

If you ordered a finished slide then your channel liner has already been installed and is ready for assembly with your internals. If you specified an “unfinished” media blasted slide then your channel liner will be included in the box and should be installed after you coat it.

The screws you gave me are too tall for the Holosun 507c optic. What happened?

Even though the Holosun 407c/507c optic fits on the Trijicon RMR footprint, the screw height is different for each optic. We set the Trijicon RMR height specifically for 1/3rd co-witnessing with suppressor height sights which requires us to provide a special length screw. Those special screws are longer than the screws for the Holosun optic and are not compatible. We recommend switching to the factory Holosun screws to secure the optic correctly.

Do you provide any other coating options?

Currently, we only provide Black DLC coating for our slides. However, we do provide media blasted slides at the request of a special order. Select the “Unfinished” Media blasted option as your slide finish and it will come in a ready to coat state. From there, your coating options are limitless.

Does the slide come with the sights, optic, and/or cover plate shown in the pictures?

No, slides are sent as stripped slides without any of the accessories shown unless specifically advertised in a package deal.

My slide did not come with optic screws. Where are they?

If you ordered a Trijicon RMR (not RMRcc) or Vortex optic milling option, then mounting screws should be already installed on the slide. For any other optics, we recommend using the screws that come with the optic and do not provide special screws.

For special orders, why are there separate options for the Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C cuts? Aren’t they the same footprint?

Yes, they are the same footprint. However, both optics require different screws for mounting. When a Trijicon RMR cut slide is ordered, we include the two screws necessary to mount the optic to the slide. When a Holosun 507C cut slide is ordered, we don’t include any screws because the Holosun provided screws work best when mounting the 507C.


Feel free to contact us at or (702) 625-2001 for clarification or any other questions.