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  • NP10 Shortened Extractor Pins

    NP10 Shortened Extractor Pins

    Replacement spring pins for pinning the CZ P10 Extractor for use in Norsso slides. These pins are shorter to clear the optic mount surface. Includes two 2.5mm Diameter x 10 mm Length spring roll pins.

  • CZ P10 R2 Cover Plate Set CZ P10 R2 Cover Plate Assembled 1 CZ P10 R2 Cover Plate Assembled 2

    CZ P10C R2 Trijicon RMR Cover Plate

    P10C R2 Cover Plates now available! Low profile RMR cover plates. Keep your slide looking sleek and professional even without an optic! CZ P10C R2 RMR cover plate features: Fits P10C R2 Norsso slides with a Trijicon RMR/Holosun 507C optic cut;...

3 of 3 Items