Special Order Policies

The Special Order system that we've implemented serves two purposes.

1. At Norsso we have the capability to manufacture more slide models than we are able to stock. Being a small company with limited resources, special orders allow the customer to request slides to be built to your specific needs.  

2. Since we are a small company that builds slides from billet stainless steel, there is a finite number of slides that we can produce. Production numbers are growing as we increase efficiency and add machinery, but the demand for our stuff is growing as well. Our inventory is not well stocked unfortunately. For those that don't mind waiting, you can special order a normally stocked item. This then forces us to create that item specifically for you. Or we ship your slide as soon as it returns from coating instead of putting it in normal inventory.

Lead Times

Lead times are quoted as 6-8 weeks. Once your order is placed, the slide blank is pulled and placed into a work queue. Current workload dictates how fast we can get the slide milled and over to the finishing department for media blast, tumble, and heat treat. Once completed your slide is then inspected and sent out for DLC. We have moved over to DLC coating due to the quality of the finish it provides. Our coating provider is located on the East Coast. Shipping time alone is over two weeks for each batch. They also need time to process the batch taking more time to complete each order. And finally when they arrive coated, we inspect and prepare them for shipping. 

Change Order Policy

You have 48 hours to alter the specifications of your slide from the moment an order is placed. If your slide has begun production after the 48 hour window, a 25% change order fee will be applied to your order. This policy is put in place to minimize our loss creating a slide that we don't normally stock. 

Cancellation Policy

Special orders can be canceled up to 48 hours after they have been placed. After the time has elapsed we will refund 75% of the total cost of the slide. The remaining 25% is non-refundable to help recover our loss of creating a slide that isn't normally stocked.