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N43 507K Cut Cover Plate

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Low profile cover plates! Keep your slide looking sleek and professional even without an optic!

Norsso N43 507k cover plate features:

  • Compatible with N43 Norsso slides with a Holosun 507k/RMSc Shield/Romeo Zero cut. Any other optic cuts are incompatible with this plate.
  • This product is not compatible with Glock OEM slides and uses special mounting holes only found in Norsso aftermarket RMR cut slides.
  • Earless design providing a seamless fit with compatible Norsso slides. Low profile chamfers eliminate snagging and catching when using holsters.
  • Made with tool steel for high durability instead of common aluminum plates.
  • Black DLC finish to match standard Norsso slides and for abrasion resistance.
  • Similar weight to the optic to keep a more consistent feel when optic-less.
  • Mounting hardware set included with purchase.
Compatible with:
Norsso slides G43 507k optic milling