G22 Special Order

Made to Order:
6-8 weeks estimated delivery


Special Order Option

Our special order section allows you to put in an order for your slide the way you want it. Unfortunately we can't stock every option. With all of the optic cuts and design configurations we offer, it would take hundreds of slides to properly cover everything. Instead we bring special order capability. As a safety net we put 6-8 weeks delivery as the lead time. For in depth information for each slide design visit their respective web pages. We have more pictures of each as well.

Optic Milling Options

We offer optic milling options for several optics. Details listed below:

Trijicon RMR - This is available with the dovetail in factory location or in front of the optic. Indexing posts are used to keep the optic zeroed if removed for battery change or to be used on another platform. We set our co-witness sight picture for lower 1/3. This gives more thread engagement to hold the optic onto the slide, and it allows you to see more of the optic window. Absolute co-witness can be achieved with taller sights if so desired.

Vortex Viper and Venom - Indexing posts are used for these optics to maintain sight zero if removed. The Venom optic is larger than the Viper. It requires the dovetail to be moved from the factory location to be in front. The Viper is installed in the conventional location or can be reversed depending on application. These optics are setup with lower 1/3 co-witness. 

Leupold Delta Point Pro - This milling option removes the rear dovetail. For co-witnessing with this setup you'll need the Delta Point Pro rear sight and the Ameriglo .407" front. Part number is GST 407.


We offer three finish options: Unfinished, Black, and Battle Hardened.

Unfinished - slide will come uncoated. Before shipping we will media blast the slide. From there you can cerakote or finish the slide as you want. Since we don't have to send out for coating, these slides will ship much faster.

Black - Slide will arrive with a black DLC coating.

Battle Hardened - Black DLC base with weathered edges. Provides a battle hardened look on the slide. See captioned picture above.


  •  Optional optic milling configurations
  •  Pick the preferred slide design you want
  •  Slide is stripped without any internals, sights, barrels, or moving parts. Complimentary channel liner installed for finished slides; attached separately for unfinished slides.

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