P320 pBentham Full-Size

N320 - PBEN- FS
The pBentham is a ported full-size P320 compatible slide. It will have ports on the top and sides for those that prefer the see-through look. Compatible with 9MM Full-Size P320 platform. We'll be stocking Trijicon RMR slides with other options available by special order. 

Optic Milling

Optic milling is offered for Trijicon RMR.

Optic Cap:

The slide does not include an optic cap. We offer that separately to let individuals decide if they need to purchase one or not. Click Here for the Trijicon RMR cover plate link.


Slide comes finished in black. Other options are available by special order.


  •  9MM Full Size applications
  •  Enhanced forward and rear serrations
  •  Machined from billet 17-4 stainless
  •  Made in USA at our shop in Las Vegas
  •  Stripped slide without any internals, sights, barrels, or moving parts. 


P320 pBentham Full-Size Reviews

Based on 1 review

Norsso is one of the best slides you can buy!

Posted by Michael on Jun 15th 2019

I previously purchased the reptile cut battleworn slide for my Sig P320 carry - it was awesome, fit and cycled perfectly, zero issues with about 1000 rounds through it now.

This bad boy is just as solid! While I was sad to lose the Romeo 1 on my P320 Full, i was excited to see the weight reduction in the slide. Looks awesome and functions flawlessly. I put a first time shooter on this setup today and zero malfunctions and he was plinking steel from 25 yards with ease. Held zero the whole time and shot buttery smooth.

If you are on the fence, buy one - you won't regret it!