P320 pBentham Sub Compact

The ported Bentham (pBentham) is a slide compatible with P320 subcomact applications. These slides work with 3.6" barrel lengths. For example the X-Compact and the Sub Compact slides have a 3.6" barrel length. Compact/Carry slides have a 3.9" barrel length. You will need the compact slides for those barrels.
The ported Bentham aftermarket slide is manufactured in-house at our shop in Las Vegas. We start with a 17-4 stainless steel billet, and CNC mill the critical dimensions creating a slide blank. To achieve the ability to modify the exterior of the slide, we leave mass in the forward area of the slide near the muzzle. This allows us to remove more material in other areas of the slide for porting, customization and enhanced serrations.
Optic Milling

Optic milling is offered for Trijicon RMR applications. Choose which version suits your needs in our drop down box.

Supressor Height Sights

We offer Night Fision Night Sights for a lower 1/3 co-witness. If you are planning on using an optic and would like us to install the sights for you, click HERE.


Slide comes finished in black. Other options are available by special order.


  •  9MM Sub Compact applications
  •  Enhanced forward and rear serrations
  •  Machined from billet 17-4 stainless
  •  Made in USA at our shop in Las Vegas
  •  Stripped slide without any internals, sights, barrels, or moving parts. 


P320 pBentham Sub Compact Reviews

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Buy One. Or maybe two like I did.

Posted by jwachter@gensco.com on May 22nd 2020

Beautiful Slide and well made. I have purchased two of these and I love them!!!