Glock Earless RMR Cover Plate


Earless Trijicon RMR cover plate for use when you are not using your red dot optic. The earless plates offer a cleaner look without the tabs protruding from the sides to snag on clothes or objects. These will not fit all slides. They require extra mounting holes to screw the plate into the slide. If your slide does not have four holes in the milled pocket they, they will not fit. As of February this year we have made all new slides with these extra holes in anticipation of these new style RMR cover plates. 

Cover plate for Norsso slides designed to work with our proprietary Trijicon RMR slide milling. Fits G17, G19, and G26 slides. Constructed from tool steel and finished in black nitride for a uniform finish with the slide. Comes with mounting hardware. 

  • Fits G19, G17, G26 Norsso slides
  • Tool Steel
  • Black Nitride finish

Glock Earless RMR Cover Plate Reviews

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RMR Earless Cover Plate

Posted by Unknown on Dec 10th 2019

Great fit and finish! Much sleeker look than a regular cover plate.