New P320 Barrel colors for both 3.6" and 3.9" length!

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  • Springfield Hellcat 9mm FDE Optics Ready

    Springfield Hellcat 9mm FDE Optics Ready

    Offering up to an amazing 13+1 rounds on tap, the Desert Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) has its billet-machined rear slide deck cut to accept a micro red dot sight. Premium features like a 3" hammer-forged...

    MSRP: $643.00
  • Beretta 96A1 FS 40SW

    Beretta 96A1 FS 40SW

    With the 96A1, the hard-hitting .40 S&W comes back stronger than ever in the 90-series lineup. Beretta worked in conjunction with law-enforcement experts to make this pistol shrug off tens of thousands of full-power rounds with Beretta-style...

    MSRP: $729.99
  • Canik TP9 Elite SC

    Canik TP9 Elite SC

    The CANIK TP9 Elite features a loaded chamber indicator, match grade barrel, reversible magazine release and accessory rail. Condition: New UPC 787450614932 Manufacturer CANIK Manufacturer Part # HG5610TV-N Model TP9 Elite...

    MSRP: $699.99
  • HK P30 Pistol

    HK P30 Pistol

    A recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety. Ergonomic features include a special grip frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates, allowing the pistol to be individually...

    MSRP: $789.00
  • Sig Sauer P210 Target Pistol

    Sig Sauer P210 Target Pistol

    The P210 Target takes the precision of its 1947 Swiss predecessor and greets it with new sleek, custom walnut target grips, a precision-machined stainless steel slide and frame, and a lightweight target trigger. These updated features pay homage to the...

    MSRP: $1,649.99
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