New P320 Barrel colors for both 3.6" and 3.9" length!

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Welcome to our collection of firearms! Here you can find factory firearms for sale as well as Norsso outfitted ones at a bundle price. All firearms must be transferred to a licensed FFL Dealer for you to receive them from. Please have a dealer secured for transfer before purchasing a firearm from us. All firearms are in stock and ready to ship!

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  • Springfield Hellcat 9mm FDE Optics Ready

    Springfield Hellcat 9mm FDE Optics Ready

    Offering up to an amazing 13+1 rounds on tap, the Desert Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) has its billet-machined rear slide deck cut to accept a micro red dot sight. Premium features like a 3" hammer-forged...

    MSRP: $643.00
  • Beretta 96A1 FS 40SW

    Beretta 96A1 FS 40SW

    With the 96A1, the hard-hitting .40 S&W comes back stronger than ever in the 90-series lineup. Beretta worked in conjunction with law-enforcement experts to make this pistol shrug off tens of thousands of full-power rounds with Beretta-style...

    MSRP: $729.99
  • Canik TP9 Elite SC

    Canik TP9 Elite SC

    The CANIK TP9 Elite features a loaded chamber indicator, match grade barrel, reversible magazine release and accessory rail. Condition: New UPC 787450614932 Manufacturer CANIK Manufacturer Part # HG5610TV-N Model TP9 Elite...

    MSRP: $699.99
  • HK P30 Pistol

    HK P30 Pistol

    A recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety. Ergonomic features include a special grip frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates, allowing the pistol to be individually...

    MSRP: $789.00
4 of 4 Items