G19 Reptile C

Now available for Gen 3, 4, 5. Gen 5 is compatible with G19x and G45 configurations.
This is a variation of our reptile design. The Reptile C has ports on top of the slide that allow you to run a factory Glock 19C barrel. They are 3D machined to give a custom look instead of the generic slots that you commonly find on ported slides.

The Reptile is a replacement slide for Glock applications. This design incorporates features that are cutting edge to the slide customization market. For ease of slide manipulation, we've added angled forward and top serrations to aid in press checks and slide racking. The top serrations also include a beveled edge to blend the serrations into the chamfers creating a scale like texture. The front and rear of the slide have multifaceted contours giving the slide a streamlined look removing any sharp edges and smoothing the corners. The most appealing feature of the slide is the side windows. These windows not only reduce the cyclic weight, but they are aesthetically pleasing with varying surfaced slopes that catch the eye. These are created using 3D CNC machining technology that provide an extra level of depth to the slide.

Crucial Attributes

All slides are manufactured in house at Norsso and made with 17-4 Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel.

Please read more about the advantages of 17-4 Stainless on our BLOG

Optic Milling
This slide comes ready with a Trijicon RMR cut. 


Slide comes finished in black. Other options are available by special order.

RMR Cap:

The slide does not include a RMR cap. We offer that separately for individuals that want to purchase one. Click Here


  •  RMR milling to mount Trijicon RMR optics only
  •  Includes ports that work with 19C barrels
  •  Forward and top cocking serrations
  •  3D beveled lightening windows
  •  Multifaceted contoured front and rear corners
  •  Slide is stripped without any internals, sights, barrels, or moving parts. Channel liner will be installed

Stock availability and special orders:

If we are out of stock of this particular model, or if you would like to configure a slide catered to your needs, please use our special orders page found HERE

G19 Reptile C Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

G19 Reptile c

Posted by Robert in Texas on Jan 11th 2020

Fantastic slide the 3D milling just pops. Very impressed well done

Reptile C

Posted by Greg on Jan 2nd 2020

Definitely that unique build I was going for I custom refinished Mine to a black chrome so I could really show the emphasis of how truly unique the slide is. Installed on my 19X and friends can’t get enough looks. Great job To the Norsso team.

Can’t stop staring at it.

Posted by Robbie on May 25th 2019

I have many aftermarket slides (from Zev to Century Arms) and this is becoming my favorite slide. The pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a very aggressive looking slide. But this isn’t just a great looking slide, it’s a great functioning slide as well.
I have this in my Gen5 G19 and it fits tighter than the factory slide. Feel great and those front and rear serrations really help to track the slide back. Great cut outs on the sides and 2 on top near the front sight. I have Trijicon Suppressor Sights and Trijicon RMR. I’m a very happy camper.

And last thing, amazing customer service, quick replies via email or Instagram. I’m a repeating customer and will keep picking more pieces as they make them. Super tight slide. Highly recommend it.

G19 reptile c

Posted by Carl L Talley on May 17th 2019

Fit and finish excellent, received it sooner than expected. Overall awesome slide and great company.

Reptile C

Posted by Tray on May 14th 2019

Love this slide. It made my G19 way lighter and look amazing. Coupled with a chameleon barrel this thing is a dream. Worth every penny. And it came a few weeks sooner than anticipated