G19 EDC Reptile


The Reptile is a replacement slide for Glock applications. This design incorporates features that are cutting edge to the slide customization market. For ease of slide manipulation, we've added angled forward and top serrations to aid in press checks and slide racking. The top serrations also include a beveled edge to blend the serrations into the chamfers creating a scale like texture. The front and rear of the slide have multifaceted contours giving the slide a streamlined look removing any sharp edges and smoothing the corners. The most appealing feature of the slide is the side windows. These windows not only reduce the cyclic weight, but they are aesthetically pleasing with varying surfaced slopes that catch the eye. These are created using 3D CNC machining technology that provide an extra level of depth to the slide.

Optic Milling

Optic milling is offered as an option for trijicon RMR applications.




Slide comes finished in black. Other options are available by special order.

RMR Cap:

For the Trijicon RMR option,the slide does not include a cap. We offer that separately for individuals that want to purchase one. Click Here

  • Features:

    •  3D beveled lightening closed windows (an EDC special)
    •  Forward and top cocking serrations
    •  Available with or without Trijicon RMR milling
    •  Multifaceted contoured front and rear corners
    •  Slide is stripped without any internals, sights, barrels, or moving parts. Channel liner will be installed

Stock availability and special orders:

If we are out of stock of this particular model, or if you would like to configure a slide catered to your needs, please use our special orders page found HERE

G19 EDC Reptile Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Glock 19 EDC Reptile

Posted by Jason on Dec 21st 2019

High quality nice fit and finish, has good grip to it even when covered with oils/ lubricant. Has some heft to it but lighter than factory. Ameriglo night sights were an extremely tight fit but work well in the slide.

Glock reptile slide

Posted by Doug Edenstrom on Jun 12th 2019

I am extremely happy with my slide I purchased. The quality of there work awesome. Great customer service. I called a couple times with questions and they answered immediately. Ready to help with anything I needed. Fast!!!! Shipping. I got the product within a couple days. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality slide.

Reptile EDC19

Posted by Tom P. on Mar 8th 2019

Awesome job. Great looking slide for my build. Price was on point, looks better than some of my higher priced slide.

Phillip English

Posted by Phil English on Feb 9th 2019

Nothing but awesome reviews for Norsso and the G19 EDC Reptile slide. I had many questions and Chris immediately replied to all of them. The slide was ordered, shipped and delivered within three days. The quality of the slide is more than described. If you’re looking for a custom, one of a kind slide upgrade, look no further, norosso builds the best!

Glock 19 Gen4 Reptile

Posted by Tony Ingram on Sep 5th 2018

Fell in love with the looks and now that I’ve ran 350 rounds through it I’m even more in love. It’s almost like a piece of art that should be a safe queen but this my everyday carry. I’m seriously considering preordering the new 2.0 since I have 4 19’s. Outstanding quality and just wicked looking.