What's so Great About Our Aftermarket Slides?

What's so Great About Our Aftermarket Slides?

On Dec 11th 2018

Why go aftermarket when you can send in your factory slide?

At Norsso, we create our slides by applying the following fundamentals. Each slide blank must meet all critical factory specifications while allowing us to explore a much broader spectrum of designs. The result is a slide capable of carrying our signature lines and cuts that you are accustomed to. Some of our designs are just not able to be incorporated into a stock slide for reasons as simple as space already being occupied by factory cut serrations, or more technical issues such as removing too much weight.

Fortunately, by manufacturing our own blanks, we can control the weight of the finalized slides according to each design. The importance of these technicalities is further discussed in a separate blog.

The other important and often overlooked aspect is the exceptional value that our aftermarket slides offer. To put it shortly, you can own 2 slides while keeping your stock slide untouched, for approximately the same price as a customer supplied milling job. An added bonus is the fact that your firearm will not be rendered disassembled and useless for the average 4 to 6 weeks turn around time would you chose to send it your slide.